Terms and Conditions


We have a few rules at the hotel that we expect everyone to adhere to.  These are to protect the animals in our care.

1) All animals are boarded at La Solana Pet Hotel  for Dogs & Cats at the owner´s risk.

2) Pet Passport required, but if not possible we insist on the vaccination booklet.

3) A full vaccination booklet must be produced so we can check the necessary requirements.  All pets must be vaccinated against all the major dog or cat diseases prior to their stay at the kennels.  This booklet will then remain on the premises until your pet departs.

4) Kennel cough vaccination essential . Please check with your vet – as this treatment needs to be administered 2 weeks prior to your pets stay.

5) We ask that you ensure you  treat your pet for ticks & fleas (especially during the Summer months)  and make sure they have been wormed.

6) Contact details and emergency contact details to be given whilst you are away.

7) Clients must provide on arrival, the current health status of their pet, so that we can be made aware of any issues.  If any health problems occur whilst in our Pet Hotel , our policy is to take your pet to our local vet.   Clients are liable for any vet bills that are required during their pet stay with us.

8) Please do not leave sentimental toys/blankets, etc, with your pet in case of damage.

9)  No pet will be released unless paid for in full by either  cash, or debit or credit card.


We retain essential client data for our business purposes only and do not share any clients´ data with external organisations. You can request at anytime by email or telephone that we remove personal data from our records.


You will be asked to sign a contract when you check in your pet.


I understand that while every care will be given to my animal(s), they are boarded at my own risk.  I authorise you to call a veterinary surgeon on my behalf should we feel it is necessary.  La Solana Pet Hotel for Dogs & Cats will first endeavour to make contact with the contact person supplied.


La Solana Pet Hotel for Dogs & Cats reserves the right to re-home any animal not collected within 15 days of the stated departure dates if no communication from the owner, or owner´s agent is received and if efforts to contact the owner fail.


No animal will be accepted unless proof of an up-to-date vaccination is provided prior to or upon arrival.  This is required by law.  La Solana Pet Hotel for Dogs & Cats also requires up-to-date Kennel Cough vaccination for dogs.

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